Decoration with mandalas painting

Look at this original modern painting, «Mandala Diamond» created exclusively by the artist Delier, inspired by the famous oriental, Buddhist and Zen mandala paintings.

Decorate your dining room or entrance with these modern mandala paintings.

Enamelled in gold or silver, perfect for entry, painting that will welcome you.

cuadros para sofa
cuadros para el sofá delier

The mandalas are not only great to promote our concentration, harmony and relaxation in our home, but they are the best tool to decorate any space you want to give character.

You can buy silver, gold or white mandalas from the online shop of paintings, Estudio Delier.

Cuadro mandala

Perfect painting for the living room, dining room, classic or zen style

We show you some decorations so you can see how impressive this mandala painting is, depending on the tone of light the painting changes. Due to its volume and relief, it captures light very well, making the painting not only a decorative object but a sculpture that changes with light.

Decorative painting for the entrance to the oriental Asian style

If you want to buy zen paintings, modern paintings for the living room or original paintings, in our store of mandala paintings there is a great variety of paintings.

We also have paintings with traditional embossed mandalas made in silver, gold or any color. They are very original and unique decorative paintings.

Modern entrances with unique and exclusive painting

The mandalas are perfect to decorate the bedroom, imagine waking up every morning watching shapes that inspire the imagination, shadows and lights that change every day

If you like these painting of mandalas are available in the online store of Estudio Delier, all the paintings are made by hand.

Our studio is in Talavera de la Reina, Toledo. But we can send your painting to any part of the world.

Look in the online shop of painting all the details, measurements and prices. If you have any questions you can contact us, you can send us a photo to advise on the choice of your painting and make a sketch. Contact us through this email We will get in touch with you right away!

In this video you can see how we make and design our mandala paintings, it is made on a wooden frame and base, canvas cloth, relief in fiber and decorated in enamels.

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